Halloween Costumes

1 Nov

Just a quick update, my boyfriend and I used two of the costume ideas from my 5 Fun Halloween Costumes posts. I dressed up as Rosie the Riveter and Phil was Marty McFly- here are some pictures:

I used some Photoshop magic to insert myself into the classic ‘We Can Do It!’ poster:

Phil made his own shockingly authentic Hoverboard using a Tony Hawk Ride board, some spray paint, and sticky packaging labels:

As you can tell we’re pretty into Halloween. What did you all (or your kids) dress up as for Halloween?


2 Responses to “Halloween Costumes”


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    […] first time Phil and I have gone as characters from some of favorite childhood movies. Phil went as Marty McFly a few years back, and last year I was Winnifred Sanderson (Bette Midler’s character in […]

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