Valentines Candy #3- Fudge Cake Truffles

12 Feb

Remember when I posted a recipe for the world’s greatest chocolate cake? Well, it just got an update- this time I used the same basic recipe to make Fudge Cake Truffles aka little bites of heaven.

To make the batter use the exact same recipe posted for my chocolate cake (an already baked cake mixed with chocolate ganache) but instead of putting it in a springform pan roll it into bite sized balls. Then spread a small plate with red, pink, and white sprinkles to coordinate with the Valentines Day theme. Don’t overcrowd the plate, the truffles will look and taste better if they aren’t completely covered in sprinkles.

Roll each ball of cake around the plate so the sprinkles stick to the surface. It’s best to do this while the batter is still warm so the sprinkles stick easily.

Lay the truffles on a tray lined with wax paper and freeze for at least one hour. After they have set, serve in paper candy cups. You will be surprised how easy these are to make considering how cute and festive they look.


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