DIY Group Costume: The Breakfast Club

2 Oct


The Breakfast Club is one of those iconic teen movies that speaks to every generation. That is why this costume is perfect for a group of friends at any age. It’s equally appropriate for a group of friends at age 17 as it is at age 30. It’s also a great costume for people on a budget. Why? Because the costume is made of readily available, fairly normal, articles of clothing. You probably already have some of them in your wardrobe. Here is how it breaks down.

1) John Bender aka ‘The Criminal’. Kudos to whoever snags this portion of the costume. Bender is undeniably the best character of this fine film.¬† He also dresses in a way that is totally easy to recreate. All you need to pull this one off is messy hair, a red flannel shirt, jeans, and weight lifting gloves. As for why Bender decided he needed to wear weight lifting gloves to Saturday detention- your guess is as good as mine.

2) Claire Standish aka ‘The Princess’. This costume is great for all you redheads out there. To recreate Claire’s sexy but innocent look try pairing a pink blouse with a pencil skirt and tall brown leather boots. Bonus points to anyone who attempts to apply their lip-gloss without using their hands.

3) Brian Johnson aka ‘The Brain’. This one is almost too easy. Pair a dingy olive green grandpa sweater (hello thrift store) with your dad’s pleated khakis and call it a day. To take it to the next level dig out your old retainer and pack yourself a well rounded lunch.

4) Andrew Clark aka ‘The Athlete’. Just when you thought your brother’s old letterman jacket would stay in the basement collecting dust forever. The signature blue jacket is the key component to establish your role as the guy who taped a classmate’s butt cheeks together.

5) Allison Reynolds aka ‘The Basketcase’. This is a fun one. Also- outrageously comfy. Combine multiple layers of black or gray clothing including an oversized sweater, maxiskirt, leggings, and a messenger bag. Wear your hair messy and in your face, but try to resist the urge to shake your dandruff out all over the table.


3 Responses to “DIY Group Costume: The Breakfast Club”

  1. yummarksthespot October 5, 2011 at 7:38 pm #

    This is SO good. I like how you make such bold statements- “Bender is undeniably the best character of this fine film.” I’m totally Claire all the way

  2. Paul Johnson November 2, 2014 at 8:43 am #

    I went to a Halloween/scavenger hunt party that had an 80’s theme. I decided that I was going to go as John Bender for two reasons:
    Because I always related to him the most, and because I had a pair of Doc Martin boots, black weightlifting gloves, old jeans, an old T-shirt and a red flannel shirt in my closet. I showed up and right away plenty of people knew exactly who I was. Also, it wasn’t too hard to be in public, since style for that clique hasn’t changed much at all!


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