Winifred Sanderson Costume- Halloween 2012

28 Oct

If you visit my blog regularly, you probably know I’m pretty serious about Halloween. I’ve posted costume ideas before including The Breakfast Club, Jay and Silent Bob, Rosie the Riveter & Marty McFly, and more. This year I decided to take my own advice and add some 90’s nostalgia to my costume by being Winifred Sanderson from the kids classic Hocus Pocus.

For the dress, I picked up a simple witch costume from a local store. I’m not the greatest seamstress, so I felt like I needed to purchase this one piece. Winnie wears a dress that consists of dark green & purple with a gold corset.  I found many viable options including this, but I was concerned I would be hot in long sleeves so I ended up going with this and just replacing the purple ribbon with gold. I then made a simple hooded cloak using a few yards of green fabric, ribbon, and some hem tape. Note to all readers, be careful using hem tape and any ribbon with metallic details. The gold edging on my ribbon melted when exposed to the heat from the iron- lesson learned. As you can see I also made Winifred’s beloved book. It was actually super easy to make. I used brown craft foam to cover an old book I already had. For the scars/stitches I used a pen to draw a deep line/incision in the appropriate spots, and added lines with a hot glue gun on either side. This gave the effect of swelling and made it look pretty realistic  I then used some thick thread to make crude stitches along the scars. The eye is from a set of children’s toy glasses I found at a craft store, with pieces of scrap foam serving as eyelids. Add some foam/glue snakes and a quick coat a paint and the book looks like the real thing.

Finally, it was time for hair & makeup. This is pretty much the most important part of the costume. For my hair I slept in foam rollers and then frizzed my hair up with a brush. I put it up in two high, loose buns leaving the hair in the front of my head free. I pinned the front back (kind of Snooki pouf-ish) and arranged the curly ends around the buns to add more volume. The whole process only took me about 20 minutes to complete, and then it was time for make up. I started with a pale shade of concealer to cover the corners of my lips. THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT. Without the correct lips, no one will know who you are. I added pressed powder all over face and lips, and added blush and bronzer to my cheeks for definition. Then it was time for lipstick. The trick is to only apply it to the center of your lips. I went slightly above my natural lip line for a more exaggerated effect using color-stay lipcolor. I used the Cover Girl kind that comes with a separate clear gloss, and it worked pretty well. Smokey eyes and mascara finished off the look and voila, I has fully transformed into Winifred Sanderson.

Now if only I could have convinced my fella to be Billy the Zombie or Thackery Binx…Oh well, there’s always next year.

Happy Halloween!


2 Responses to “Winifred Sanderson Costume- Halloween 2012”

  1. Emma October 3, 2013 at 12:00 am #

    I love Hocus Pocus!!! You do look like Winifred!!! AWESOME!


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    […] some of favorite childhood movies. Phil went as Marty McFly a few years back, and last year I was Winnifred Sanderson (Bette Midler’s character in fabulous Halloween flick Hocus Pocus). So dressing up as a […]

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