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Random Snow Day Cookies

17 Dec

The instant a single snowflake falls from the sky I seem to have the urge to feast on endless amounts of junk food. So today when we got a surprise mini snowstorm I ordered up some wings and got my butt in the kitchen to start baking. Unfortunately I was short on supplies (no brown sugar, chocolate chips, oatmeal, raisins or nuts) so I had to get creative. I basically just threw random ingredients in a bowl and made something up as I went along. Here’s how it turned out.

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Caramel Fudge Brownies

5 Dec

Can you tell I like chocolate? I’m pretty sure I eat something chocolate every single day. I think most women have a little ‘chocoholic’ in them, which is why I made these scrumptious caramel fudge brownies for a recent girls day in with my favorite ladies.

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The Greatest Cake You Will EVER Eat

22 Nov

I am not exaggerating, this cake changed my life. For the record, I don’t like cake. That’s what makes this cake so great- it’s barely even cake. Its almost like eating fudge covered with chocolate frosting. It’s perfect for any chocolate lover, which is why I recently made it for my boyfriend’s birthday.

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PF Changs-Style Chicken Lettuce Wraps

4 Nov

Do any of you love PF Changs? I sure do. It might even be my all time favorite restaurant chain. The appetizers in particular are amazing, my Mom and I often have girls nights that consist of happy hour apps and drinks. Our favorite is the Chicken Lettuce Wraps, so I figured out how to make them at home. Let me tell you- they taste just as delicious at home.

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Soft Baked Caramel Apple Cookies with Caramel Frosting

1 Nov

I’m not going to lie to you- these cookies are to die for. They are soft, moist, sweet, and delicious. They are also good for many occasions- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. I made them for my Halloween party this year and people raved about them.

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Pecan Pie Pops

1 Nov

I made these earlier this week for my 2nd annual Halloween party and they turned out really cute. Ideally I would have liked to do pumpkin pies but you can only have so many pumpkin foods at one party.

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Rainbow Tie Dye Cupcakes

21 Oct

These cupcakes are fun for kids and adults alike. They are also a really good idea if you are having a 70’s themed party. If you prefer you can make a whole cake in this style, rather than individual cupcakes. Either way this dessert is sure to be a hit.

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