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Baby P’s Nursery

20 Dec

Well, in about 1 month we are expecting our first child! Baby Girl P is due Feb. 3rd, and we just finished up her nursery. Since we live in a wooded, lakeside neighborhood we decided we wanted to go for a cute, somewhat modernized woodland theme. We also wanted it to feel feminine without being too over the top pink/girly/frilly.


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Wet Bandits Halloween Costume

2 Feb

So, I love Halloween. I’m not really into scary movies, or candy corn, but costumes? Yes, please. I look forward to putting together creative DIY costumes all year long. Best costume to date? THE WET BANDITS, baby! Yes, that is right. This year my fiance and I dressed up as Harry and Marv from Home Alone, and it was awesome.


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Photo Biz

2 Aug

For several years my boyfriend Phil and I have been dabbling in photography, and recently we have managed to get a fair amount of experience under our belts (some weddings, sporting event, family portraits, etc.) We decided to get serious about photography and have recently started a small business called Loch Studio which I am really excited about. We provide quality photography and reasonable prices throughout the Philadelphia/NJ area. Check it out!

Pshh It’s My Birfday

23 Apr

Don’t mind the intentional misspelling in the title, it’s an excerpt from my former roommate’s self penned birthday song. Shout out to Melissa! Anyway, today is my 24th birthday and I planned a dinner at an Italian restaurant followed by a small party back at my place. Pretty much every year my friend Jenine and I make each other cake or cupcakes (you may remember these from her birthday a month ago) and this year she is making me a very special kind of cupcake- Butterbeer Cupcakes! I stumbled upon this recipe at amyBITES a few months ago and after trying Butterbeer at the Harry Potter theme park last summer, I knew I had to have them. Clearly I am a Harry Potter nerd. Anyway I can’t wait to try these little drops of geek heaven tonight, and I will update soon to let you know how they are. Jenine is a fabulous baker so I’m sure they will be incredible.