DIY: Group Halloween Costumes

2 Oct

Last year I posted 5 Fun Halloween Costumes that you could create yourself fairly easily. This year I’m back with 5 new ideas, this time for couples or groups. Once again, these costumes are perfect for anyone on a budget- especially those who like making their own costumes and/or have access to a thrift store. I’m going to give each costume idea a separate post, but here is a sneak preview:

As a product of the 80’s/90’s, I couldn’t resist a healthy dash of nostalgia. Stay tuned for more info!


Photo Biz

2 Aug

For several years my boyfriend Phil and I have been dabbling in photography, and recently we have managed to get a fair amount of experience under our belts (some weddings, sporting event, family portraits, etc.) We decided to get serious about photography and have recently started a small business called Loch Studio which I am really excited about. We provide quality photography and reasonable prices throughout the Philadelphia/NJ area. Check it out!

Bridal Shower: Favor Tags (with free download)

5 Jul

I LOVE weddings. I’m not yet married, but when it comes time to plan my own wedding you can bet there will be a LOT of personal touches that I will make myself. Until that time comes I have taken to helping other brides plan their big days. I use Etsy to sell handmade favors and wedding gifts, and I also recently designed Philadelphia themed thank you tags for a friend’s bridal shower.

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Butter Beer Cupcakes: Update

28 May

They turned out great- sinfully sweet and absolutely delicious. Thanks Jenine!!

The cupcake stand was a gift from my sister, isn’t it adorable? It’s like serving a bouquet of cupcakes.

Pshh It’s My Birfday

23 Apr

Don’t mind the intentional misspelling in the title, it’s an excerpt from my former roommate’s self penned birthday song. Shout out to Melissa! Anyway, today is my 24th birthday and I planned a dinner at an Italian restaurant followed by a small party back at my place. Pretty much every year my friend Jenine and I make each other cake or cupcakes (you may remember these from her birthday a month ago) and this year she is making me a very special kind of cupcake- Butterbeer Cupcakes! I stumbled upon this recipe at amyBITES a few months ago and after trying Butterbeer at the Harry Potter theme park last summer, I knew I had to have them. Clearly I am a Harry Potter nerd. Anyway I can’t wait to try these little drops of geek heaven tonight, and I will update soon to let you know how they are. Jenine is a fabulous baker so I’m sure they will be incredible.

Springtime Lemon Lime Cupcakes

3 Apr

My friend Jenine had a birthday recently, so I decided to make cupcakes. Jenine really loves lemon (you should see how many wedges she squeezes into her water) so I wanted to come up with a bright, citric, lemon-based cupcake for her. The result was these lemon lime cupcakes with a lemon curd filling and lemon frosting. HOLY LEMON!

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Framed Fabric Wall Art

13 Mar

In the living room of our apartment we painted the longest wall in the room a deep rusty orange. In order to make this bold statement wall flow well with the rest of the space I wanted to choose some colorful artwork. I happened to have a TON of fabric samples from my time as a design student, so I decided to gather a bunch of photo frames and use the fabric to make an original piece of wall art.

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