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Pesto and Fontina Bruschetta

1 Oct

Appetizers and desserts are my favorite. When I go to restaurants I often skip the entree entirely in favor of appetizers. Maybe I’m just a sucker for cute bite sized foods. One of my favorite appetizers to bring to parties is this tasty bruschetta. With juicy fresh (Jersey) tomatoes, pesto, and fontina cheese they are to die for. For the record I’m not Italian, but it’s fun pretending.

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Baked Mac&Cheese

27 Aug

I am obsessed with cheese. There isn’t a cheese in this world that I do not like. Cottage cheese, goat cheese, blue cheese…I love them all. My boyfriend Phil is a bit more picky with his cheeses…which is why I make this fairly straightforward but utterly DELICIOUS baked mac&cheese. Macaroni also happens to be Phil’s favorite, so I make this for his birthday every year. In this recipe I use cheddar and parmesan.

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