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Framed Fabric Wall Art

13 Mar

In the living room of our apartment we painted the longest wall in the room a deep rusty orange. In order to make this bold statement wall flow well with the rest of the space I wanted to choose some colorful artwork. I happened to have a TON of fabric samples from my time as a design student, so I decided to gather a bunch of photo frames and use the fabric to make an original piece of wall art.

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Custom Photo Collages

5 Feb

This year for Christmas I decided to make my parents a present. I wanted to do something with family photos, but decided against a scrapbook because I wanted it to be something they could hang up and show people regularly. I ended up making them a custom photo collage, arranging years worth of family photos into the word strang (our last name). It turned out really cute so I thought I would share it with you guys.
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DIY Penny Tiled Table

6 Dec

Like any young college aged person, I have a fair amount of hand me down furniture. One of my hand me down pieces is a cherry wood coffee table. It’s a nice quality/solid wood table, but the cherry stain didn’t ‘t look great with my deep pumpkin colored accent wall and the table was was a bit traditional for my taste. It also wasn’t exactly in pristine shape after a few run-ins with a certain beagle. Rather than throw away a nice quality piece of furniture I decide to revamp it by painting it black, tiling it in pennies, and sealing the top with a clear resin. Here is how it went…

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Decorating for Less: Paper Snowflakes

5 Dec

I’m cheap. Well…according to my boyfriend I’m frugalicious. I just do not like spending money on things that I don’t absolutely need, especially if I can easily make something similar. I’m always way more excited and proud of myself when I make things rather than buying them anyway. This is why every year when the holidays roll around I break out the scissors and cover my walls with handmade paper snowflakes.

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